How you should dress according to the size of your hips

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The majority of women like to wear garments that enhance their figure and get them feeling more self-confident. For this reason, this in this article today we will give you the keys to select the right clothes according to the size of your hips.

How to dress well depending on the size of your hips

1 – Wide Hips

Women with wide hips tend to have many complexes when it comes to dressing. As a general rule, you want to conceal them and hide them. However, if you have wide hips, it is best that you learn to make the most of them.

The idea is that you want to cinch your waist to form an hourglass silhouette. This way, your body will be much more stylized.

You can try dresses that are cinched at the waist and loose in the hips, these are very flattering and come in great for spring.

Another perfect combination is high-waisted jeans combined with a top, a blouse or a t-shirt tucked in. These jeans, for example, are very much in trend and you fit phenomenally.

Finally, the high-waisted skirts are also a safe bet. It will not only enhance your figure, but you will feel much more secure in yourself and you will bring that touch of elegance and sophistication.

2 – Narrow Hips

Women with narrow hips tend to be quite thin. Therefore, if this is your case, the best thing you can do is add volume in that area.

The peplum tops or ruffles around the hip section of an outfit will look great and make your hips appear wider.

The tight-fitting skinnies, these fit great as well, and you should combine them with a garment that is wider at the top.

Finally, the palazzo trousers, this has some flare and will help to make your hips appear wider.

You have the type of body that you have, feel proud of it and love yourself just as you are. You always have the perfect combinations for you.

What combination do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!

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