Jack Johnson, the guy who has spent more than 23,000 euros on operations to look like Beckham

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There are many people that travel thousands of kilometers to be able to see or meet their idol. Whether to go to a concert, a football game or a book signing. However, others admire them so much that they opt to look like them physically, using the same style of clothes or a haircut in a similar way. But there are those who go beyond this. This is the case of Jack Johnson, a young Englishman who idolizes David Beckham.

This young man, 19 years old, admires David Beckham and has spent more than 23,000 euros in aesthetic surgeries to look like him. He is currently unemployed and spends the aid of the state money he receives on plastic surgery. On the British programme This Morning, he said that his change began in 2016 and that he wants to invest 30,000 euros more in operations.

Jack Johnson, el chico que se ha gastado más de 23.000 euros en operaciones para parecerse a Beckham
This morning

Up to this point now he has had fillers in his cheeks and lips, has touched up his chin and the eyebrows and has modified his teeth and has tanning done monthly. In addition to all these interventions, he wants to have a stomach operation for weight loss and a hair transplant.

I know that I do not look like Beckham, I’m not stupid, but I still have a long way to go,” he said to the presenters, after commenting that it seemed very difficult to get that close to it.

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