Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie secret dinner (In Touch)

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LOL! The new cover of InTouch says that Jennifer Aniston tried to meet Angelina Jolie at a secret dinner and it was a disaster. “The secret dinner disaster between Jen and Angie stemmed from ” Jen being humiliated when she contacted Angie. Things got cold in minutes! Angelina refused to apologize for stealing Brad (WTF?). Friends warned Jen “you’ll regret it!”

According to the magazine, Aniston believes that it is finally time for her and Jolie to solve the past now that they are divorcing their respective spouses. HA!

“Jen wants a new beginning” – said a source to the publication. “She does not want any burden of the past, including what happened with Brad and Angelina.”

And the report says that Jennifer Aniston had the courage to ask Angelina out to dinner, but the actress refused.

“When Jen asked for that, Angelina said that she didn’t owe her any apology,” said the insider. “The whole idea of meeting for dinner was a disaster.”

They never met up, and that photo on the cover deserves a PHOTOSHOP BULL SH!T AWARD!

The publication says that Jolie refused to have dinner with Aniston because Jen and Pitt are alleged to be in touch again.

“It is being said that Brad and Jen are back in touch. She is furious about that.”

So, Aniston was humiliated after Angelina refused, according to the gossiper.

“ If she (Jen) clings to her anger toward Angelina, Brad will see her as selfish. So Jen was trying to be an adult, and trying to get Angelina to go along.”

An alleged friend of Aniston’s told the tabloid that it was the best thing that she and Angie did not meet up, pointing out that  situation “would have exploded from rage, for sure.”

So, this week, InTouch released this new story, that Jen called Angelina to get together and was humiliated when Maleficent star turned her down… Well, Well… No, thank you!

Let’s talk about the cover, Jen’s leaving the place with a face of wanting to cry because of the humiliation and Angelina is behind her with the face of a snake, and don’t forget her claw… Bahahahahahaha, come on! Tell me, Isn’t this week’s cover story entertaining? The photo of Jen must be from about 10 years ago minimum and Ange… well she looks… healthy. LOL!

Jennifer Aniston y Angelina Jolie en una cena secreta (InTouch)


See the cover of Star, Jen Aniston kissing Brad! AGAIN! OMG!! That’s why Angie refused to meet… SURE!!! LMAO!! Nah! It is a pic of Jen kissing Jason Bateman on the set of the movie The Switch –  HA! We hear that George Clooney was the one who brought them back together. BURN IN HELL George! – screams Angelina from somewhere (according to the tabloids).

Jennifer Aniston y Angelina Jolie en una cena secreta (InTouch)


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