Jennifer Aniston confronts Emma Stone about Justin Theroux (Star)

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Yeap, Jennifer Aniston confronted Emma Stone, the new girlfriend of her ex, Justin Theroux. CATFIGHT!

RAGE! The fight that ends all fights, JEALOUSY! The encounters are hot in the hotels (LMAO!) TREASON! “I thought you were my friend!”. OMG! This is for a soap opera! (take note producers!).

According to the new cover of Star, Jennifer Aniston does it again, the role of the poor abandoned, and goes to confront the new girlfriend of her ex (it is not known whether husband, boyfriend, no one knows) Emma Stone. That is, according to this cover Jen Aniston and Emma Stone had a mega fight about Justin Theroux (you’re pathetic!). But in the report they forget to talk about that.

An insider told the publication that Jen has been asking if Justin was sincere in the last months of their relationship, because he is now dating Emma Stone. Jennifer is “frightened” by the new photos of Justin and Emma in France, they had previously been photographed in New York – where they were more discrete.

“Jen, you can see that there are sparks there. She is telling friends that this is a very vulgar play, since she and Justin are going through a divorce.”

And here comes the funny thing, funny, interesting. NONE OF THE TWO HAS FILED FOR DIVORCE! As well as read, Jen Aniston and Justin Theroux announced their separation, they had supposedly married, but neither has filed for divorce. HA! That is why it is said that they in fact never married.

Whatever! The gossiper said that this whole situation of Theroux and Stone will bring back memories to the poor and abandoned Jen, but not memories with Justin, memories with Brad Pitt and Angelina, when she and Brad got togrther (always have to bring Brad and Ange).

But there’s another source that states that, “Justin assured Jen that Emma and he were just friends, but Jen doesn’t believe him” … well, that was what Justin told his ex, when he started dating Jen. And here is when you realize that, again, Aniston is in the role of the forever alone and saying that Jennifer “is fine with the breakup and is trying to move on,” contradicts this whole report. “Jen is upset because Theroux is going out with Emma.” Boo!

It had already been reported that Justin Theroux and Emma Stone are “just friends”… Best Friends Forevah! Sure!

Jennifer Aniston enfrenta a Emma Stone por Justin Theroux (Star)


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