Jennifer Aniston will pay for Justin Theroux’s silence?

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According to reports, Jennifer Aniston is willing to pay for the silence of her ex Justin Theroux… what?

EXACTLY! It is a gossip from OK Mag and they say that her former “husband” plans to write a book where he recounts everything and she believes that it will affect her directly. REALLY?

The magazine Grazia reported that when Jen split from Theroux she was to pay compensation to the actor for the separation, according to a prenup they had signed before the wedding.

But a source said that Justin said NO THANK YOU! And did not accept the payment, because that was not what he was looking for when he “married” the actress.

So, according to the report in the magazine, it is believed that the amount that Jennifer has not paid to Justin by the separation, will have to be paid now to “buy his silence”. It turns out that Theroux is thinking about the possibility of writing a biographical book where, obviously, he will speak of his marriage with Jen.

“Jen is ready to give millions to Justin to ensure that he does not speak anything about her in his memoirs. She is ready to give US$ 5 million…to buy his silence”.

Bahahahahaha, this gossip is interesting because it continuously speaks of the marriage of Jen and Justin. They announced their separation but none has filed for divorce legally and there is (according to TMZ) no marriage license from them. So… it is not known if they are truly married.

By the way, there is another gossip from Woman’s Day Australia that says that, maybe, maybe Emma Stone could be expecting a baby with Justin Theroux! OMG!! Obviously, only based on speculations… but can you imagine that? BOOM!!!

Thanks Lea for sending the note 😉


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