Jesse Williams believes that his ex is being greedy. Really?

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Jesse Williams believes that his ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee is getting greedy, and wants to make it clear that he will not pay more than their children of 2 and 4 years old, need.

Since more or less a year, the actor from Grey’s Anatomy filed for divorce from Aryn Drake-Lee, and have since been fighting for custody of their two children, and are currently battling how much he should pay for child support.


In April, Aryn said that the $50.695 dollars that Jesse pays per month for their two children, was not sufficient to cover the expenses of the children. She requested an increase to $73.369 per month. And she also wants Jesse to pay her legal expenses.

TMZ reports that Williams filed a response to the request of Aryn, and says there is no way in hell he is going to pay for all that she asks.

It turns out that Aryn wants to save up to $25 thousand dollars per month for University for the children. Yeap, as well as lol read… Of course, Jesse said WTF? Because legally speaking, the children go to College when they are 18 years old and technically he does not have to pay for it, because child support ends at 18.

In addition, the actor believes that such an increase that it calls contradicts the agreement that they both came to raise the kids. Jesse says that they agreed for their children to have simple lives, without excesses or extravagances. For example, he says that the children’s bedrooms are from IKEA. Jesse is willing to pay the private school tuition, as well as the tutors that they need.

The actor from Grey’s Anatomy has suggested that Aryn is resentful and that her claims are “absurd and greedy” and are not related to the children.

Really? You think so? LOL! Maybe Aryn is thinking about the future of the little ones and sending them to the university on Mars.

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