Johnny Depp attacked crew member on set of his new film LAbyrinth

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Yeap, Johnny Depp assaulted a crew member on the set of his new film LAbyrinth, multiple sources said that an ‘out of control’ Johnny attacked the location manager on the set after he had been drinking all day. WTF? That is, Johnny was drunk.

LAbyrinth stars Depp as LAPD detective Russell Poole, who investigates the murder of Biggie Smalls. But an insider said that the problems began on the “toxic” set when Depp took over the direction of a scene where he cast two of his friends one as a cop and the other as a homeless man.

“Johnny’s friends were in the scene, and it just turned into way more than it should have been,” – said a source. “A street was closed, but when the permit expired, Depp wanted to continue filming.”

“The producers continued to seek extended time. Finally, a manager on location reported to the director of the film, Brad Furman, that the scene was supposed to end, but, “Brad interrupted, Tell that to Johnny Depp!” The location manager told Depp, “This is the last take” – said a source, when a furious Depp – who had been “smoking, and drinking all day on the set” –  went towards the man’s face.

“He was 5 inches away yelling, “Who are you? You have No right!” said the source to Pagesix.

When the man told Depp, “I’m Just doing my job” – the source said that Johnny tried to punch him in the ribs. But the weak blow did not impact (obvious, drunk punch), and Depp shouted: “I’ll give You $100,000 to punch me right now!” Other co-workers were standing there and took Depp away.

WTF? Johnny had to be very drunk to offer the man $100,000 if he hit him. Bahahahahaha because, Hello? Supposedly he is in bankruptcy and the debts are in the millions. LOL!

Of course, the Pirates of the Caribbean Star has not commented, however, Furman says that all of this was reported scandalously and that Johnny is a consummate professional.

“Johnny Depp is a consummate professional, a great collaborator and always supports other artists. Always treat other members of the set and the people around him with much respect. The movies can be very stressful, and the unimportant things are often exaggerated. We all love stories – there’s none here.”

Sure! Johnny is a consummate professional… of drinking and debts! GET HELP MAN! YOU DRUNK! Depp is being sued by two ex-bodyguards and is in a legal battle with his former managers. Guess who must be dying of laughter by this? LMAO! Awwww… Johnny… what the fack?

Johnny Depp agrede a un miembro del set de la película LAbyrinth

Johnny Depp agrede a un miembro del set de la película LAbyrinth

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