Johnny Depp sued for assault on set

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Johnny Depp has been sued for assaulting a member of the team working on the set of the film about the murder of Notorious B. I. G. Recall that news?

The lawsuit claims that Depp shouted obscenities at the team member and struck him twice in the ribs, then Johnny offered him $100 thousand dollars to return the blow. LOL! You drunk! If you’re broken!

The news that Johnny had physically assaulted someone on the set emerged in May, the plaintiff claims that he was fired from the production when he refused to promise not to expose Jack Sparrow.

The Director of the Venue, the alleged victim of Johnny, Greg “Rocky” Brooks, also is suing the director and the producers of the film for unspecified damages.

In the film, now called ‘City of Lies’ (before it was LAbyrinth) Johnny plays the role of a detective who has spent years researching the unsolved murder of rapper Notorious B. I. G, aka Biggie Smalls, whose real name is Christopher Wallace.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brooks alleges that in April 2017, when they were filming close to the hotel Barclay in downtown LA, he informed the director Brad Furman that the next shot with Depp would have to be the last one outside that night by legal permits.

The lawsuit says that Furman forced Brooks to go beyond his duties and tell Depp that the film was supposed to end. Brooks says he was looking for the officer in charge of the security when Johnny found him first.

The plaintiff asserts that Johnny smelled of alcohol and appeared intoxicated when he shouted obscenities, and then Johnny hit him twice in the ribs. Depp screamed to Brooks, “I will give you 100 thousand dollars for you to hit you in the face right now!” – according to the complaint, before the bodyguard restrained Johnny.

Brooks says that he returned to work the following Monday and that the director requested him to sign a statement saying that he would not sue for that incident. Brooks ensures that he was fired when he refused.

The plaintiff says that he suffered humiliation, physical and mental pain and he was dismissed unjustifiably for that incident. The producers should have known that Johnny was using drugs and alcohol and that he was a threat to the well-being of others on the set, the lawsuit says.

Johnny Depp seems to be rolling down a slope at full speed… from his horrible divorce from Amber Heard, his recent films have been failures at the box office, he has legal problems with his managers, and financial problems. What the f*ck Johnny??? GET HELP!! By the way, I think that he is gradually transforming into a bat… Geez! SAD!

Johnny Depp demandado por agresión en el set



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