Justin Bieber punched a man at Coachella

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Justin Bieber was in the news this weekend for hitting a man at Coachella, supposedly this man was choking a woman. WTF?

According to the report, the pop star 24 years old, “hit a man in the face and threw him against a wall” after he saw him assaulting a woman. The situation is said to have begun when Bieber noticed that a man came to the feast, he saw the person who supposedly attacked him, and became like crazy. When Bieber started to yell at the attacker to stop him, the man apparently told him, “Go F*** yourself”

According to TMZ, the man has not calmed down, and Justin stepped in. It struck the man, threw him against the wall and the woman was able to get out of the situation. OMG! Super Anaconda to the rescue!! Ok, seriously, luckily I noticed and intervened, if not who knows what could have happened.

Justin Bieber golpea a un hombre en Coachella, no presentan cargos en su contra

Well, TMZ now reports that ‘Justin Super Anaconda to the rescue’, is not facing any criminal charges for hitting the idiot that was choking the woman, because the idiot will not file charges against the pop star, and the police can’t confirm if Justin threw his fist, and there are no more witnesses to confirm this.

So like the idiot that he was choking, the woman does not want to file charges against Justin Bieber, so the police considered the case closed. There is a piece of data that caught my attention, the police responded to the incident of “Justin B hitting a man that was choking a woman”, but no one reported seeing the “man that they were choking a woman” so that the idiot was not arrested. Funny, huh? … wtf? Anyways, music festivals…

Watch the video below for more details:

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