Kanye West absolutely amazed by Rihanna, and Kim K’s reaction. LOL!

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Ok, in a clip that surfaced on the internet, Kanye West looks absolutely amazed watching Rihanna dancing on the stage. (Read this with the voice of Homer Simpson… ) Rihaaaaannaaaa… (and fall in the drool…) LOL!

It turns out that Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West went to an event that featured the singer from Barbados. While Kim was on his cell phone, recording it all for her Snapchat, Kanye was absolutely amazed looking at Riri on stage, then KK realized that Kanye was soaking with drool… and quickly cuts the recording. Bahahahahahahaha Kanye looks at Rihanna like a child looking at candy, as the guy looking at stacks of ham, like Homer Simpson, thinking about beer or donuts… or me in churros with Nutella… LMAO!!

“Kim saw the way kanye was looking to rihanna and had to end that snap VERY quickly” – says the account that shared the clip.

Cosmopolitan says that the reaction of Kim to get Kanye went viral but sorry, I think that was the face of bobo Kanye looking to Riri the most that caught attention. HA!

In fact, the whole world laughed at that moment, Kanye with that chuckle, slug-like looking at the sexy Rihanna on the stage, and Kim cutting the Snapchat as fast as she could… Say that KK put a face of discomfort, which “reacted”… Oh, really? I think that Kim after that, ran off to the surgeon because that smirk that came out was a super mega effort in her stiff face, and sure she broke something.

“Find someone to look the way Kanye looks at Rihanna”, “Only Rihanna can make you smile that way  Kanye”… LOL! Those were some of the comments the fans wrote on social media. Honestly… I Never saw Kanye with that face, not even looking at his goddess… Beyonce. What do you think?


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