Kanye West aims to sell these shoes? WTF? CRAP!

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Kanye West showed some models of shoes from his new collection Yeezy… they say that they are prototypes but they are really… W-T-Order – Hell?

On Friday, Kanye showed the world, via Twitter, that he is the best shoe designer in the world. The first model that showed (I say that was the first one) is a horror in acrylic, imagine a tacky and super fug shoe of Cinderella, but the more sad and uglier version, in fact, I think that Kanye was so “inspired”, when he saw that plastic that we see in stained glass and said, ‘Ah I’ll use this design’, I  will put “strings” of the same material and Tada!… Vomit!

Kanye West pretende vender estos zapatos? WTF? CRAP!

The other shit that Kanye intends to sell to his fans and to his wife Kim Kardashian, of course, and many will fall into that trap, are these versions of cheap and sad flip-flops like those sold in Chinese children’s store (no offense, those of the Chinese children are much cuter).

Kanye West pretende vender estos zapatos? WTF? CRAP!

And Twitter, obviously, went into overdrive, calling this horrendous piece of blue gum, “shoe hospital”, “Shoes of jail”, ”shoes of play-doh,” etc. Thank you very much! It is the mediocre version of the crocs, LOL!

These are some vulgar blue plastic flip-flops made by Kuku West. WTF? I can see his muse, the KK trying to make them look all divine with her lycra on the cover of Vogue. Gosh! FUG!

Another model, in case two did not seem ENOUGH! It was this that looked like

that he had taken a black bag and glued it to some black shoes and said they were his version of boots, track pant boots! Wow, all these ugly shoes…!

Kanye West pretende vender estos zapatos? WTF? CRAP!

OMG! He must be having a meltdown… seriously, there is no doubt of that. Because from last week he has been writing stupid things on Twitter and with the air of a philosopher… BRAIN FART!

“You do not change your authenticity for approval”

Says the man who writes and publishes all of this on their social media platform. HA! Cu-cú, cu-cú! Please, tell me that I’m not alone, this is HORRIBLE! Honestly, I think that Kanye was thinking that there may exist some people with such bad taste… Oh, wait! LOL!


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