Kanye West had explosive fight with Kris Jenner!

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It is reported that Kanye West had an EXPLOSIVE fight with momager Kris Jenner, and Kim Kardashian can’t control it, OMG! Nobody saw this coming? LOL! It’s Cirkus time!!

People Magazine reports that “according to sources”, Kanye West cut off contact with several people in his close circle, including his manager (it is reported that Scooter Braun is no longer his manager) and lawyers and close friends – and it is also said that he had several arguments with his mother-in-law, the momager Kris.


  “(Kanye) had a big fight with Kris. She sees how erratic he is acting and is mostly concerned about her daughter’s brand. She is also trying to be a good mother-in-law, so he is having huge problems with it,” – said a source to People.

“Everybody is very, very worried.”

HA! Really? That’s why Kim is posting nude photos, in order to divert the attention from the Kuku.

The rapper returned to Twitter and has been posting messages that have concerned all who have seen them. In a recent Tweet, he expressed the need to get rid of everything. Oh, oh! Of course, Kim replied, “Wait… everything?” You know, damage control. They say that this was an attempt by the Kardashian to handle the situation.

Kanye West tuvo explosiva pelea con Kris Jenner – Despide a su manager!

“Kim is trying to control him and the situation, but it can not be controlled,” says the source.

“She is trying to be the best support for him on social media  and show a different  side of things, but it’s not working.”

“(Kanye) genuinely believes that he is a God and a genius and can do all things. He has a great love for Kim, but in his mind he does not think that Kim is a genius, and he is telling her that he knows what he is doing,” adds the source.

Bahahahahaha told ya! Kanye is having a meltdown, you only need to see the crappy shoes that he is trying to sell.

A source close to the rapper (MalefiKris) says that while West may be “eccentric and erratic” (not to say crazy af!), not everyone in the world sees his recent actions as a cause of concern. The source says:

“A lot of this is just Kanye. He has always been this way. Always causing problems for others.”

Kanye also called a radio station and expressed his support for President Trump. Another insider said that the Yeezus “sleeps very little” and passes time “by sending text messages throughout the day and the night”, and that has everyone around him feeling exhausted. Oh my gosh…

So Kanye had a fight momager Kris is major because Kris is the one that dominates. Mmmmm… the announcement of a divorce in 3, 2, 1… although sorry, it sounds more like a master plan of the momager, she is the source. What do you think? More cirkus? LOL! Kim posted this pic of the family…

Kanye West tuvo explosiva pelea con Kris Jenner – Despide a su manager!

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