Kate Hudson pregnant and abandoned! (Star)

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According to the new cover of Star, Kate Hudson is pregnant and abandoned and the crazy demands that led her new love to leave her. The amazing final fight. The surprising advice from her mother Goldie. LOL! Kate needs her long hair ASAP!

According to the magazine, Kate has been abandoned by her boyfriend, rocker Danny Fujikawa, and that she is more than devastated. Remember that she and Danny are expecting their first baby together.

“She thought that things with Danny was solid, and now it seems that he has left.”

The pair became engaged after Hudson found out she was pregnant, an alleged source claims to the publication:

“They did not agree on anything from the beginning and even disagreed with the date of the wedding, which is a bad sign.”

Supposedly, the rocker is surprised with how bossy Kate became when he moved in with her, and things came to a critical point while the couple was in New York celebrating the birthday of Danny.

“Kate was being a bitter drunk, and Danny could no longer bear it,” alleges the source.

But there’s more, the tabloid brings up the alleged affair between Kate and Brad Pitt (bahahahaha reported by Star, of course) and, as it could negatively affect the relationship and leaving Danny unsure. WTF? Almost not said that probably the baby on the way could be Brad’s. LOL! Hey, that’s what they said, I say, when the rumors of her and Pitt surfaced, they said that maybe she was preggo. Anyways, everyone knows that such a relationship between Kate Hudson and Brad Pitt never existed and it was even said that the rumors were started by Kate and just casually came out of that report, and days later she was being photographed publicly with Danny. Then she had another talk about it and said, oh I have no idea where that rumor came from. Yeah, right! If you didn’t mind she could have denied it from the beginning, but nope, she let that circulate for months. Well, honestly, who could blame her. It’s Brad Pitt!

Whatever! Kate has not been abandoned by her baby daddy Danny, the couple is on the beaches of Greece vacationing with their family. In addition, as reported last week, “ Kate and Danny are madly in love” and she is taking time off until the birth of their baby girl. People reported on Monday that Kate is “doing very good”. Ok, Bye!

Kate Hudson embarazada y abandonada! (Star)


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