Katherine Heigl apologizes for funny photo in cemetery

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Katherine Heigl apologized for a photo that was taken in a cemetery in Buffalo, NY, which were meant to be funny. Oh, so funny! What?

The Grey’s Anatomy Actress was in the cemetery at Buffalo, New York, on Sunday, visiting the grave of her brother Jason, and while she was there, took several photos in front of angels and monuments, smiling and making jokes. Some of her fans called the images insensitive, disrespectful, and inappropriate.

So, the 39 years old Actress published a series of videos that same day, apologizing, and saying that they were right, the photos were inappropriate.

“I noticed on my Instagram page that posts that I did early had many reactions, and I realized that you are right. It was not appropriate and was disrespectful and I deleted.”

Heigl explained that she was only “trying to make this difficult time something joyful”, and that she did not want to offend anyone. Well, in this age… It’s hard, honey!

“It is something hard to go to visit the graves of loved ones, and I decided to find some moments of lightness and humor and I did not realize how inappropriate I was being. I apologize deeply and I thank you for understanding that sometimes I don’t think things clearly enough, and I am grateful for you telling me and pointing me when maybe I am going too far. And thank you for forgiving me. Next time I will be more considerate of the feelings of other people, and not just mine.”

In the photos, the actress of “27 Weddings” posed in front of the grave of her older brother, Jason – who died at the age of 16 in 1986, in an automobile accident. She also visited the grave of her grandparents.

Katherine Heigl se disculpa por fotos funny en cementerio

Heigl and her husband Josh Kelly took photos in front of various monuments in the graveyard. Katherine posed with an angel, and her husband in front of a tomb that bore his name, and Kat wrote in the post, “He found his own tomb, which is very strange.”

Katherine Heigl se disculpa por fotos funny en cementerio

So, here are the pictures of Katherine Heigl which were taken in the cemetery. I think that if she had perched on the graves of her family it would not have seemed as inappropriate, but she posed in front of graves of other people (because they are graves of other people, I guess). What do you think? Does it seem disrespectful? These statues seem to me to be super creepy…

Katherine Heigl se disculpa por fotos funny en cementerio

Katherine Heigl se disculpa por fotos funny en cementerio

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