Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have broken up

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It is reported that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx ended their relationship. Awwww… really?

Sources said that Jamie Foxx 50, and Katie Holmes 39, have separated, after five years together. It seems that they were planning a dream wedding but the actress had trust issues trust – said a friend.

“Katie simply could not overcome their trust issues.”

Radar reports that after five years of hiding and denying their romance, Katie and Jamie were ready to make their relationship public and celebrate their love with a wedding in Paris and a beautiful and expensive honeymoon. Instead, the insider says that Katie decided to end things.

“Katie finished it all! She is devastated.”

The couple was together for years without being seen, it was said that Katie went out in disguise, or went out by different doors each. Jamie called to reports of their relationship “fake”, “hilarious”, and even was a live interview this February because I mentioned to Katie.

A source said that the idea of keeping the relationship a secret was Jamie’s, he insisted that “we are only friends”, but in the end, that facade ended up being humiliating for Katie – especially since Foxx was seen some months ago with his ex and mother of his daughter Annalise, Kristin. Jamie took her to Leo DiCaprio birthday party in November and dined with her in L. A in February, and in April they were seen together at Nobu – all this, supposedly, Katie saw this as a betrayal.

“It was expected that this famous hike of her and Jamie on the beach would be the first of many outputs in public” – the source said, “but he still wanted to keep things hidden away – even when he was seen with other women.”

Jamie wanted to continue with his image of a single man, and Katie did not want that.

“She felt jealous and worried that he was being unfaithful, especially because Jamie loves to flirt.”

In fact, they say that Katie wanted a prenup with Jamie, with a clause of ‘not cheating’, but the actor refused the idea because he realized that it was going to be expensive to be unfaithful.

“Katie noticed a total lack of respect in Jamie’s behavior. She knew that it wouldn’t be healthy for her or Suri, and she has to protect her daughter and herself.”

Supposedly, the separation of Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx was not dramatic.

“There were no drama, cries, fights, or anger – only sadness when Katie called Jamie to tell him that she could not continue withthe relationship and he understood”.

Saying goodbye to Jamie – not to mention the wedding and the future plans that she had been doing – “it was heartbreaking,” adds the source.

“But in the end, she felt she had no choice.”

But they say that the actress has already started to overcome it.

“Katie has gone out several times with a lawyer from NYC, but is keeping his name secret for now” – says the source.

“She wants to make sure that the next man she brings into her and Suri’s life will stay forever.”

F-O-R-E-V-E-R! (read that in a whisper… lol!) Awwww… then Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx broke up… Whatever! It sometimes doesn’t work and with a cheater no less… Bye! Next!

Katie Holmes y Jamie Foxx terminaron


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