Katy Perry sent a peace offering to Taylor Swift. Bye!

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Yeap, you’ve read correctly Katy Perry sent an offering of peace to Taylor Swift. After almost five years of feuding, it seems that finally TayTay and Katy Perry have left it all behind. Oh, Really?


 This Tuesday, Swift shared a video on Instagram of a letter that she had received, apparently, from Katy Perry at the beginning of her new tour “Reputation”. Next to the note is an olive branch crown, a symbol of peace –reports Pagesix:

Katy Perry envia ofrenda de paz a Taylor Swift. Bye?

The note seems to say, “Hey old friend”. “I’ve thought a bit about the poor communication and feelings between us in the past and I would like to fix things.” You mcan also see the phrase “I am so sorry”.

Taylor Swift wrote “Thank you Katy” in the video, with an emoji of two hearts. Awwwww… end of an era. LOL!

Despite the fact that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry were once friends who exchanged tweets, their much-documented fight seems to have started in 2014, when TayTay told Rolling Stone that her song “Bad Blood” was inspired by an artist who betrayed her.

Many believe that the whole problem with them is that they dated the same guy. HA!

Katy Perry was not far behind, she also pulled out a song, “Swish Swish” and spoke of the fight with Tay with James Corden in the Carpool Karaoke, saying that Taylor was ‘Regina George’.

Afterward, Perry in an interview with Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global Podcast in 2017, said she forgave Taylor and apologized to her.

Bahahahahaha… you know what they say if you can not win the enemy, join him!!! Now maybe TayTay will invite Katy to her concerts and they can sing Bad Blood and Swish Swish… with the lyrics changed of course! Love you! BFF! And Katy can be part of the Squad. Boo! Regina George Wins!

 Check out the video below for more info:

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