Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett have been fighting in public

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Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett fought in public at a recent event, she insulted him and called him a lazy mother f*cker! On Monday, Kendra and Hank were together at the Glenlivet Celebrity Golf Classic held at the Braemar Country Club in Los Angeles. For many, this was interpreted as a good step for the couple, who have two children together.

However, a witness said that a normal conversation between the ex-spouses, soon turned sour, in front of the entire world.

Kendra was seen yelling at Hank Baskett and repeatedly, referring to him as “motherf*cker”.

A source told Radar Online that the fight was because Wilkinson is tired of being the one that takes home the money.  Kendra takes home the cash since Hank left his career for years as a professional football player.

They say that Kendra “was fighting with Hank as she can’t get over his mistakes”

And as you already know, the problem between the couple arose in 2014 when Hank Baskett was unfaithful to Kendra with a tranny.

Kendra asked for a divorce from Hank Baskett in April, after years of trying to fix their marital problems. Apparently, nothing worked, can’t even attend an event like friends without a fight.

And it turns out that Kendra’s reality show was not renewed, leaving her all alone trying to see how to cover the family’s expenses, said an insider. So, Hank is a lazy motherf*cker, according to Kendra. Remember the news that said that Kendra was going to use her divorce for ratings? Didn’t work.

Anyways, fun fact, the original story comes from Radar Online, but they already deleted the news. Must be that Kendra’s check bounced, no money, no news. LOL! This was taken from The Hollywood Gossip.

Kendra Wilkinson y Hank Baskett se pelean en público


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