Kendra Wilkinson wants to use her divorce to save ratings

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Kendra Wilkinson wants to make money out of her divorce with Hank Baskett and drum up the ratings of her reality show. Aaaah… Show me the money!!!

Kendra announced her separation from Hank Baskett, after almost 9 years of marriage, and says that she is interested in giving a twist to her reality show, Kendra On Top, to save the ratings.


“Kendra thinks that if she deals with her breakup and get out again while struggling as a single mother she could attract more viewers,” said the source to InTouch. “A green light would give Kendra the ability to take care of the children and to pay Hank, who’s probably going to ask for spousal support”.

According to the source, WE have been receptive to the idea, so that “it seems that things could go well for the reality star!”

Kendra has been sharing details on social media about their marital problems, since her response to a report that said she was faking all of her problems for attention. She revealed that she had done everything she could to save the marriage. Hank was unfaithful to Kendra with a tranny, when she was pregnant, that was what damaged the marriage. Wilkinson finally filed for divorce from Hank Baskett on the 6 of April. Whatever, if that makes you happy. Good luck!

Kendra Wilkinson quiere hacer dinero de su divorcio y salvar los ratings

Kendra Wilkinson quiere hacer dinero de su divorcio y salvar los ratings


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