Kendra Wilkinson cries in video where she speaks about her possible divorce

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Kendra Wilkinson posted a series of videos on Instagram where she cries and speaks of her possible divorce from Hank Baskett.

 There are many reports that indicate that the marriage of Kendra and Hank is over and that she is ready to file for divorce. According to a new report from E! News, she has not exactly confirmed the divorce, she only gives a hint and goes on crying in the videos saying that she did everything possible to save their marriage and that her heart will always be open for Hank.

“10 years ago. I did everything I could. It was not enough. I will always love him. My heart will always be open for him. I believed in a forever, I really did. Guess its just not meant to be. I am very scared but I have to be strong for my children”.

Kendra ends the dramatic video thanking everyone for their support and showing a picture of her and Hank on the day of their wedding, saying, “I believed”.

Later she posted a photo that appears to be from a law office. And another of an outfit and wrote: “Choosing the outfit was hard, trembling all the time.” You know, an outfit for asking for a divorce. Puuuuleaaahse!

Then continued the drama on Twitter with this message:

“Today will be the most sad and terrifying day of my life. Today I have to be stronger than I’ve ever been. Today, my rebirth begins.”

People reports that multiple sources have been saying that the marriage of Kendra and Hank has been dead for years, and here Kendra vaguely confirms the rumors that are spreading.

A source said to People:

“Even when she decided that she was going to support her man, her marriage was impacted by his infidelity,” the source said – adding that Kendra “was totally shocked and never in a million years came to think that Hank would take a decision that would hurt her so deeply.”

You know, to go with a tranny that according to him – he was violated.

These folks really can’t do anything discreetly. LOOK AT ME!!

Kendra Wilkinson llora en video donde habla de su posible divorcio



Watch the Tears from Hank Basket:


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