Kesha speaks about overcoming problems with her weight

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The singer Kesha posed for the cover of the June issue of Cosmopolitan sand spoke of how he overcame the problems with her weight, in addition to fame, her new album Rainbow, and her new tour with Macklemore.

On her introduction to fame in 2009:

“I thought I had to be very tough and really strong and show that I did not care a bit, and that that was not the case. I was pretending that everything was great all the time.”

About overcoming her problems with her body:

“The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I was with my mom at a family party and was very anxious. On the way home, I had to stop, and I was like, I cannot go on anymore with this secret. That was scary, but eventually I took the decision and I chose life. That was a great starting point. I am not a size. I am not a number. I’m a motherfu*king strong and fantastic woman, and honestly, I like my butt. Ten years ago, I would never think that I would be able to say that.”

On her new album Rainbow, the first album since her legal battle with. Dr. Luke – who she accused of sexual and emotional abuse, Kesha said:

“I write, the pain is transformed into art, and art is transformed into healing, and healing became a disc. And after she was nominated for a Grammy!”

On her upcoming 30 cities tour with Macklemore:

“I have taken possession of myself. I am taking control of my life, my name and my music. I’m not as sad or pathetic now. There are a couple of ballads, but my show is extremely fun. I’m not going to be less crazy. There is a great band, and there are dances and brightness. That is a promise that I will keep – there will always be brightness.”

Well, good for her that she could go ahead and now feels happy. Good Luck!



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