Kim announces divorce! LOL! (InTouch)

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The new cover of InTouch says: Kim announced her divorce! Kanye is not the man I fell in love with! She has moved back into the house of her momager, Kris. This is a step in Kim’s plan to protect her $300 million empire. Kanye broke down in tears: “I’ll Never let you go!

LMAO! It is an excellent cover because it is what my mind green witch jealous or imagines will happen in the future… maybe. Muaahahahaha… but once I explain that these are “inventions” of a tabloid to sell your magazine, so let’s gossip.

According to the magazine, the recent visit of Kim and Kanye to Paris (yeap he returned to the city of her “traumatic” robbery) could potentially end their marriage, because (Kanye) had another attack and that led Kim to make a definitive move.

LOL! The tabloid refers to Kanye supporting Virgil Abloh and screaming with him then that the designer made history in the Louis Vuitton fashion show. An alleged source claims that Kim was upset with Kanye.

The publication says that Kim made the decision to leave her husband when you saw him as well. So, supposedly KK announced to her family that she is going to leave the rapper.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was the “horrible fights” which were because of the comments Kanye in the interview with TMZ, you know, where let out that slavery to him seemed like an option and such. But, it had been reported that Kim said that she was supporting her husband, so no big deal. But the tabloid says that Kanye called people asking if Kim was going to leave. HA!

“This has come to a point where freedom is more important than to be trapped in a bad marriage,” says the source.

“Kim is ready to start over – without Kanye by her side.”

HA! Sure! Kim will not leave Kanye they are made for each other, match made in heaven. What do you think? Think of this as a reality? Bahahahahahahahahahahaha

Kim anuncia divorcio! LOL! (InTouch)

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  1. I thought I’d have to read a book for a divsecory like this!

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