Kim Kardashian doesn’t like selfies anymore! LOL!

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Kim Kardashian said that she doesn’t like selfies! WTF? LOL! Yeap, the Kueen of Selfies said in a recent interview that she’s over taking selfies… awwww… sure! She has ceded the throne to her sister Kylie.

The reality star, businesswoman and now activist – next President of the United States of America – Kim Kardashian was on KLTA-5 last week talking about the latest season of her neverending reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Obviously, they ended up talking about selfies but KK left everyone in shock when reporter Sam Rubin asked for a selfie, and Kim said that she no longer did that.


“You know, I don’t take selfies. I really do not like it… so much.”

She then explained the reason for such an extreme decision…

“ I used to spend so much time taking selfies… I just like to live a little more in real-time. Um, I don’t care about the photos, but I just am not on my phone as much as before.”

(Already know how to talk to Kim, like, like, like, like…)

Bahahahahahaha… sure! Since I don’t take selfies, I take pictures. But Hello? Don’t blame you, it takes years to take selfies, and she would take 800 then after spend hours choosing the perfect one, to then spend 24 more hours editing… IT’S EXHAUSTING!!! Now, North is in charge of her photos… HA! Perhaps until she passes due to the effect of the botox. Lol!

Kim Kardashian ya no le gustan las selfies! LOL!

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