Kylie Jenner and her $900 million fortune – Forbes

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Kylie Jenner and her fortune of $900 million on the cover of Forbes’ “America’s Women Billionaires” edition.

The reality star of, 20 years old, is on her way to becoming the youngest self-made female billionaire in history.

In 2016, Kylie Cosmetics debuted with a “lip kit” for $29 dollars, and according to Forbes, she has sold more than $630 million in makeup since then, including $330 million in 2017 alone. Using this formula, Forbes estimates that Kylie’s company is worth about $800 million, and she is the sole owner.

Obviously, Kylie has also earned money with “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and with other business dealings.

While Kylie has made headlines this week by revealing that she decided to stop the injections in her lips (she dissolved the fillers she had in her big mouth), the girl still loves makeup (even though earlier she said that she hated it, but you know, kontradictions), she shared with Forbes that Kylie Cosmetics was founded on her own experience of trying to find your passion.

“For a moment I had difficulty in finding something to do by myself” – said Jenner, before adding, “since I was in sixth grade I wore purple eye shadow. I turned to makeup to help me feel more confident.”

Well, that is the explanation for the tons of make-up and stuff… HA!

Obviously, Kylie expressed her excitement by posting the cover of Forbes on her social media and thanking them for the recognition. Geez! Lucky… girl!

By the way, on the cover of Forbes, Kylie does not look so young… they are not really fans of her, huh? Who chose that picture? LOL! At 21, she will become the youngest billionaire in history (by their account). Kongratulations!

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