Kylie Jenner no longer uses lip fillers. What?

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Yeap, Kylie Jenner no longer uses fillers in her lips. WHAT? The reality star has revealed that she removed the fillers from her big mouth… Bye Lip fillers!! Omg! Shook! LOL!

On Sunday, Kylie posed with a friend on Instagram (where else?) and people started to comment on the “changing” face of the Jenner. One fan said, “She looks like Kylie before here I don’t know why”. (Before what?) What the Queen of Lipsticks responded:

Kylie Jenner ya no usa relleno en los labios. What?

“I took out all the fillers (fillers),” said Kylie with a bunch of emojis with open eyes.

Another fan praised her for taking the decision to get rid of her huge lips thanks to the injections, commenting: “Yess Kylie! You look stunning with more natural lips. We support this.”

As many of you know, others want to ignore (lol!), the reality star is a fan of fillers in the lips from the age of 17. Kylie told Elle Canada that her momager initially objected to her getting lip injections, but then she begged and begged, and convinced her. Kylie said that her mouth made her feel very insecure.

Kylie also said at the weekend that she is happy that her daughter Stormi did not inherit her mouth.

“The thing that I was insecure about, she has – she has the most perfect lips in the world. Did not get that from me. I thank her father for that.”

Well, Kylie says that she no longer has the fillers… but her mouth still looks “plump”… What do you think? Remember when she said that her ‘big duck’ was a product of her many lipsticks and such, and insisted that she had NEVER injected? It was the magic of makeup and photoshop! After admitting that she had exaggerated with the injections. ShOcKiNg! Bahahahaha… And the other fillers?

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