Lindsay Lohan’s lawsuit against Grand Theft Auto 5, rejected!

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Yeap, the demands of Lindsay Lohan from Grand Theft Auto 5 was rejected by the  New York court of appeal. Lilo filed the lawsuit against Rock Star Games years ago, for allegedly using an image of her likeness in their popular game.

The court eventually said to Lindsay that (what the heck?) she had no case. But Lindsay did not miss a beat, and she appealed the decision claiming that Rockstar (and parent company Take-Two Interactive) invaded her privacy by making a character named “Lacey Jonas” with her face. Yeap, a copy of it.

 Unfortunately for Linnocent and her bank account, six judges in the court of appeals of the state of New York said NOPE! to her appeal – reported the BBC.

And it must be that the judges asked Who? And saw photos of Lindsay in a bikini and thought this girl is high! From 2014, Lindsay has been claiming that the actress/party girl in Grand Theft Auto 5 is based on her and her (former) career, because she has a jet-setting lifestyle with many boyfriends, businesses and such.

Demanda de Lindsay Lohan a Grand Theft Auto V, rechazada!

Honestly, this character to me looks a lot like Kate Upton. The judges agreed that this doll does not look like Lohan. Hey, you’re not Lacey Jonas! You wish!

“The artistic depictions are confusing, with satirical representations of the style, appearance and persona of a modern and beach-going young woman… that is not recognizable as the complainant, ” said the Judge Eugene Fahey in his ruling.”

Lindsay, the model of burkinis and face has said absolutely nothing, neither has Rockstar Games.

Bahahahahahaha… sorry, I can understand why Lilo thought that she had a case maybe 10 years ago, but imagine the faces of the judges when they googled ‘Lindsay Lohan red bikini’ and all those current pictures of came out looking like the body of a pregnant lizard. LMAO!

SAD! Lindsay was so beautiful, all those abuses of drugs and alcohol have taken their toll. Don’t do drugs kids!

Demanda de Lindsay Lohan a Grand Theft Auto V, rechazada!

Demanda de Lindsay Lohan a Grand Theft Auto V, rechazada!

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