Lindsay Lohan’s New Career? LOL!

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Lindsay Lohan, to help you find a lawyer, what? Yep, ironically, she is the new face of LOL!

Lindsay is the new spokesperson for this website because, if you think about it, who better than ‘Linnocent the troublemaker’ to tell you how to find a lawyer when you’re in trouble, right?

She says that when first contacted her she was confused and a little scared because she thought that she was in trouble. But they asked her to be their spokesperson.

When contacted me, I was confused and a little scared, because I thought I was in trouble. But when they asked me to be their spokesperson, I was intrigued.”

She talked about herself getting nabbed for driving under the influence (DUI), and that is just about helping people, and makes finding a lawyer easy. “We must not pretend that I didn’t get one, two, or three, or some more” if you need a lawyer for any other reason, the service is simple and free”.

But let’s talk about Lilo’s accent… Hey! Where is it? It’s GONE!!! Lindsay seems to have dropped her bizarre accent.  She now sounds like a 70-year-old smoker, but normal, nonetheless. HA!

Whatever! Lindsay as the spokesperson for a lawyer website…hmmm.  Hopefully, she will not have to use it anytime soon. Good luck!


Lindsay Lohan te ayuda a buscar abogado! LOL!


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