Mariah Carey will be sued by her former manager Stella!!

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Yeap, Mariah Carey will be sued by her former manager Stella, for sexual harassment, she says that the diva would walk naked in front of her… Mmmm, really? Don’t like the sound of this story?

According to TMZ, the former manager of Mariah, Stella Bulochnikov Stolper presented documents to alert Mariah’s legal team of the impending lawsuit. Stella says that Mariah rarely wore clothes when she was with her, and not only was she naked, but that she also made sexual innuendos in her presence. WTF? Wait! This is exactly what was said by that bodyguard who also wanted to sue Mariah Carey for sexual harassment, remember? As the lawsuit with the guard did not work, now comes the manager? And that report of the guard and his demand, came out just after Stella told him Bye, Bye!

Stella is releasing all kinds of things, as to say that Mariah has problems with substance abuse, and does not take her medications for her bipolar disorder, Mariah recently revealed that she was diagnosed in 2001, and was currently in treatment. See? That’s why Mariah told everything to People before Stella opened her big mouth. But the former manager says that that is the least of the problems of the Skinny Legend.

The former manager claims that she was fired unfairly in the middle of their 3-year contract, and that still have a lot of money. She is giving Mariah a chance to make things right, before filing the lawsuit. HA!

A representative for Mariah Carey told TMZ:

“If this allegation which is frivolous and without basis is filed, we will defend against it vigorously and successfully.”

Geez! It seems that the former manager was rankled that she was kicked out by Brian Tanaka – who they say is the one that now manages Mariah. It’s working baby! Bahahahaha… sorry, when Mariah was with her she was a total disaster.

Mariah Carey será demandada por su ex manager Stella!!

Check out the video below for more details:


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