Mark Salling’s Autopsy found alcohol in his system

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The autopsy of Mark Salling, star of Glee, revealed that the actor had alcohol in his system at the time of death.

The report toxicological profile obtained by US Weekly, he explains that while there was no drug in the body of Mark, had a level of alcohol in the blood at the moment of death the 30th of January.

Autopsia de Mark Salling revela alcohol en su sistema

Salling who committed suicide according to an official of the forensic bureau of Los Angeles, who confirmed to the website that on the 30th of January, Mark was found hanging in the woods near California’s Tujunga-Sunland neighborhood in Los Angeles. He was pronounced dead by apparent suicide on the spot, the coroner confirmed on the 1st of February  2018 that the cause of the death of the Glee actor was due to asphyxia by hanging. He was 35 years old.

The report of the autopsy also tells the events leading up to his death.  Mark had been watching television with his father in the living room of his house. Then at some point after midnight his mother woke up and noticed that he was not there and neither was his car. The family reported him missing before he was found dead.

Mark Salling was under house arrest awaiting his sentence after pleading guilty for possession of child pornography in December 2017. The report indicates that Mark had a history of depression since his conviction and had already attempted suicide before.

Autopsia de Mark Salling revela alcohol en su sistema


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