Michael Jackson castrated chemically by his father, says Conrad Murray

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Conrad Murray said that Michael Jackson was castrated chemically by his father Joe Jackson, to not lose his tone of voice. WTF?

In case you don’t remember, Conrad Murray was the doctor guilty of having unintentionally murdered Michael Jackson and served two years in jail for that (TWO YEARS!). The man has returned to the headlines, this time talking about the patriarch of the Jackson family, who died recently.


The Blast has a video of Conrad where he makes reference to the dark side of Joe. Obviously, there are already many stories of Joe being a horrible father, abuser, batterer, an abusive monster with his children, but Dr. Murray in addition to all the stories that the King of Pop told him, revealed that Michael was castrated chemically by his father, Joe, to keep his unique voice. So for the file WTF, this was what he said:

“Joe Jackson was one of the worst parents in history towards his children. The cruelty expressed by Michael that he experienced at the hands of his father, particularly the ill-treatment and most of all the fact that he was chemically castrated to keep his voice sharp, it goes beyond everything. I met and cared for Michael very well and he told me of the many sufferings he went through in the hands of his father. Not going to shed a single tear for the death of this cruel and wicked man: Joe Jackson. It is said that only the good die young. I hope that Joe Jackson finds redemption in Hell.”

BURN IN HELL!!!!!! Well… maybe my memory is playing me dirty, but I could swear that I had already heard this before, and I speak for many, many, many, before all the scandal, when MJ was the best, the idol and such. It was said that Michael was castrated chemically in order to have that voice. This is really terrible, which parent do that to their child? The worst of it. SAD!

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