Mila Kunis: Social media and tabloid gossip (Cosmopolitan)

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Mila Kunis posed for the new issue of Cosmopolitan and spoke about social media, the gossip tabloids, and her ultimate dream as a producer and an actress.

The actress of “The Spy who dumped Me” – married to Ashton Kutcher – told – Cosmopolitan (edition August 2018) why she is not on social media, the rumors that the tabloids publish and her ultimate career dream. Obviously, this is a preview, to read the full interview, you must buy the magazine which goes on sale July 10.

On social media and not participating:

“I was late to that train. I remember at one point my room-mate was: ‘You know, there is something called Facebook’, and I was like, ‘What is this Facebook? Those who are going to have touches between them? That is very rare’. And then Ashton and I started talking and we reconnected. He used to be very open minded about social media, when the intention was to connect people. But that (social media) turned ugly and became about who is louder, who is more annoying and who is the most negative. Then it is not a fun game to play.”

About the rumors of her in the tabloids:

“I don’t read anything about me. I honestly do not know what is written about my life … the most I know is that I’m pregnant once a year and my husband and I are in the process of divorce once a year. I know this because I go to the aisle of a supermarket, and I see the covers of magazines and I am, Oh boy, okey! The only thing that bothers me is that my parents and grandparents are sometimes confused… A time when I was pregnant, (the tabloids) said that I had had an emergency and I was taken to the hospital quickly, and my face was on the cover. The amount of stress it caused to my family, no one would understand. However, my dad is always hoping that the pregnancies are true. He is always, ‘isthere really another one?’”

On her dream as producer and actress:

“Just three days ago I sat down and wrote my dream in five years. And I quickly realized that no dream is big enough. And then, I’ve been thinking about it for days, like, What is my biggest dream for me? I just want to be happy. That sounds incredibly boring, but I never want to stop learning or being demanding, and I never want to stop requiring of my partner. I think that those things will always lead to a form of success.”

And that is all. I love Mila, she always seems very realistic and with her feet on the ground. But the poses in the pics… and the look on the cover? I think my mom had one as well. LOL! What do you think? Have you ever thought of leaving social media, JUST QUIT! Honestly, it impresses me to see how some people speak of it as if it were the oxygen that they breathe… they can’t, don’t imagine living without this, WTF? LOL!

Mila Kunis: las redes sociales y los chismes de tabloides (Cosmopolitan)

Mila Kunis: las redes sociales y los chismes de tabloides (Cosmopolitan)


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