Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth call off their wedding? AGAIN!!

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Dailymail reports that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth canceled their wedding. According to a source, the couple could not agree on when they were going to have children. OMG! Not again!

A source told OK! Australia on Thursday that the couple does not agree on when to settle and become parents. The Hunger Games of 28-year-old is ready to take that big step but Miley 25, is not yet ready.

“He wants children and don’t want to postpone it but Miley is not in agreement that the timing is right… he was left with a broken heart” – the source said.

“Miley postponed the wedding plans and Liam got tired of it… They have not been lgetting along in the last few months.”

The insider added:

“(Miley) really did not want to marry. It is something that everyone noticed less  Liam. The family (of him) has been begging him to react from a long time ago, but he had faith in Miley. Now, he feels like an idiot.”

Previously it was reported that Cyrus and Hemsworth had been married in secret first in Australia and then in Malibu back in March. Life & Style said that it had been a hippie-style ceremony in his mansion in Malibu.

A report by Dailymail points to the fact that Miley Cyrus erased all their photos from Instagram last week, but it is not clear if this is related to the alleged cancellation of the wedding. HA! As if that “erased all of your photos” is not used as an advertising strategy every time something new comes out such as an album, new project and such.

Miley And Liam announced their engagement in 2012 but ended it the following year. The couple reconciled in 2016 and Miley was seen wearing her beautiful engagement ring again. She confirmed their engagement on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

So, that is what it says today, Miley and Liam canceled their wedding because they do not agree on when to have children. Cyrus erased all their photos from her Instagram account last week, that will mean something? The new album, new project… ended up with Liam? Liam still has all of his photos with Miley on his page. Anyways, if we see Miley as a wild goat again, half-naked at every party with her spirit ghetto hillbilly in full and licking everything in her path… OMG! It’s True! In addition, they were commenting that maybe she was going to go back to her wild image because the good girl image was not generating results… We’ll see…

Miley Cyrus y Liam Hemsworth cancelaron su boda? AGAIN!!



Check out the video below for more info:

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