Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have no plans to Marry

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They say that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have no plans to marry, no need to walk to the altar to confirm their commitment… Awwww… what?

The couple vowed at the beginning of 2016 for the second time, after two years of separation, a source says:

“They consider themselves married, and still have no plans to marry.”

And it is that this insider said that although “some of the friends of Miley and Liam have had children recently” they have no trouble in being a parent. Miley is not ready to be a mother.

“Miley loves to play with babies but is not ready to start a family yet.”

HA! The father of Miley, Billy Ray Cyrus turned crazy fans in March, when he posted a photo of Miley with a white dress, with the message “I’m so happy that you are happy.” Then retweeted several fans who wondered if Miley had gotten married. She later denied these rumors, saying to Us, “are just a few great photos which I took with a white dress”.

Weeks later, the sister of Miley, Brandi and her mother Tish made a joke about it saying that Miley ever marries that white top, which she, in any case, he would be married with a fabulous white dress. “If Miley will marry, it would not be with that!” LOL! Oh, and don’t forget the photos of them using rings that seemed to of marriage. And reports of a tabloid that claimed they had been married in October. Do you think Trendy Famers? You see them married?


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