Morgan Freeman accused of inappropriate behavior and harassment

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Morgan Freeman is being accused of inappropriate behavior and harassment for years, by 8 women who say that the incident occurred on the sets of movies or events related to their projects. WHAT?

Oh God… you too? According to TMZ, one of the accusations comes from a production assistant who worked with Freeman in 2015, in the film “Going In Style”. She told CNN that Morgan repeatedly tried to lift her skirt and see if she wore underwear, and he commented on her figure. She says that the co-star of Freeman, Alan Arkin, saw what happened and told Morgan to stop.

Another woman who worked on the movie “Now You See Me” says that Freeman also made comments about her figure and that of other employees. She says that the women of the set knew that they had to cover when he was near.

CNN reporter Chloe Melas also said she was a victim of inappropriate behavior by Freeman when she was 6 months pregnant and interviewed him for an event. Melas says that Freeman looked at her and said that she looked ‘ready to eat’, and several times hinted that he wished he had been there when she got pregnant. What a Creep!

CNN was the media that reported these allegations, in total, spoke with 16 people, 8 claims to be victims of Morgan, and the other 8 are witnesses to the inappropriate behavior of the actor.

WTF? I hate all those old creepy dudes that always make inappropriate comments… Ewww… Uuuugghhh.

Morgan Freeman acusado de comportamiento inapropiado y acoso

Morgan Freeman acusado de comportamiento inapropiado y acoso

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