Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban: The truth about our marriage (L&S)

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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are featured on the cover of the latest issue of Life and Style Magazine with the caption: Nicole and Keith: The truth about our marriage, pain, loss, and obsession. As they are struggling to make it work. The night that Keith made Nicole cry. PLUS! The biggest regret of Nicole revealed!


At the beginning of this month, L&S had on its cover the story that Keith Urban had left Nicole and was living at a hotel. That would probably indicate that they were going to get a divorce. But since then the couple has been presented at several events, posing very lovingly and united, including the ACM Awards. So, now the magazine is recanting and proclaims, the truth about the marriage of Keith and Nicole.

Obviously, when you see this cover you may think that the couple talked with the magazine, but no, the story, as usual, is source-based imaginary which speaks about the relationship.

“They are determined to make their marriage work… they are the best of friends and love each other very much.”

“For every night that he is not with nicole; Nicole says, he leaves her a love letter.”

WHAT? LOL! That was said by Nicole, years ago, in an interview with InStyle Magazine. And it sounds so cheesy like that time.

The magazine also says that the couple has gone to marriage therapy, but they forgot that the last time they had said that Keith lived in a hotel.

“Despite the fact that there are rumors that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are headed for divorce, a source said exclusively to Life & Style… they are still going strong.”

HA! Denouncing their own rumors, they were the ones who reported possible divorce at the beginning of this month. InTouch reported the same thing last month.

Nicole Kidman y Keith Urban: La verdad sobre su matrimonio (L&S)


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