Nicole Kidman helping her daughter Isabella to adopt?

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It is said that Nicole Kidman is helping her daughter Isabella to adopt a child. The Oscar-winning actress adopted Her (and Connor) with Tom Cruise in the 90s, now is helping her through the same process.

According to InTouch, The adopted daughter of Kidman wants to give the same opportunity that she had as a child.

“Isabella wants to give a child the opportunity that she had” said a source to InTouch. “Nicole has been essential in the process, giving her energy to support Isabella and Max (husband of Isabella).”

The actress once said that it was important for her to be in contact with Connor and Isabella, is said to have paid for Isabella and her husband to receive therapy before the adoption and bought a five-bedroom house.

Nicole Kidman, 50 years,  is said to be going to London at the end of this month to see the couple.

“She will help them to complete the paprework and check everything, also to give them as much emotional support as she can.”

Well, if it is true, Good Luck! Although I really believe that Nicole and Isabella are not so close… even I see them as perfect strangers. Ah, yes, I was her daughter for five minutes. Bye! HA! Even Nicole did not even attend the wedding of her daughter and she was in London… And then to speak as if Nicole would have done all that paperwork for her personally. But… who knows?

Nicole Kidman ayuda a su hija Isabella a adoptar?

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