Nurses break Hospital rules to fulfill dying wish of a patient

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Hansen was admitted to a hospital in Denmark at the beginning of April after suffering the rupture of an aortic aneurysm. The surgery to repair an aortic aneurysm is long and complicated and often requires hospitalization for several days after the operation. Hansen was too ill and frail to undergo the surgery, even though without it, he probably would not survive more than a day. Sitting in his hospital room and with just a few hours of life ahead of him, Hansen told the nurses that he wanted to enjoy his final minutes with a glass of white wine and a cigarette while watching the sunset.

Una enfermera se salta las reglas del Hospital para cumplir el último deseo de su paciente
The nurses were able to find white wine, and Hansen’s room was fortunately on a floor with access to a balcony. It was the cigarette that turned out to be a problem. The hospital where he was staying had a strict no-smoking policy which applied to everyone in order to ensure the health and well-being of patients, but the nurses decided to break the rules in this case.

So, they took Hansen to the balcony, served him his glass of white wine, lit a cigarette and allowed him to enjoy the tranquillity of his last moments with a beautiful sunset with his family.

It was a very welcoming and relaxed atmosphere,“ said Nurse Kvist. “Of course, they were sad and affected by the fact that their family member was going to die, but it was a nice moment in which he even joked”.

Una enfermera se salta las reglas del Hospital para cumplir el último deseo de su paciente

The nurses shared their experience through a publication on Facebook. Hundreds of users praised the nurse for her behavior.

“Exactly as it should be. I wish they had done this for my father,“ wrote one Facebook user. “You’re not only in a single hospital, you’re in a place where people can still dream, even if life does not give them more opportunities,” said another. “In times in which humanity seems to fade away, stories like these kept the faith in the people. I wish the best to the family of Mr. Hansen in these hard times,” added a third.

Having enjoyed his last wish, Hansen later passed away peacefully.

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