OMG! What happened to Jet Li?

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A photo of a very aged Jet Li has caused worry among his fans. The last time many saw Li was in ‘The Mercenary’ – The Expendables (2014), where the character of Li appears quite aged. But rest assured, Li is fine!


Well, a few days ago someone posted a picture of the actor, 55 years, where he seemed like an old man, and looked very frail. This is the pi

“Apparently, Jet Li is suffering from “hyperthyroidism and problems in the spine,” this is him right now” – says the user who uploaded the photo.

OMG! WTF? This is not Jet Li – it was the first thing that I said. And is that the image of the actor of “Hero” is unrecognizable… SHOCKING! Taking into account that he always had that baby face… ok, smiley, bad boy, but a child. LOL! Well, they say that it was a bad angle, bad light and, perhaps, the bad pose of the actor at the time the photo was taken, in addition to the fact that the person accompanying him seems to help him to stand.

And there are other pictures of Jet Li at an event in January where he bears the same look with a shaved head but doesn’t look as ancient grandpa tell me.

OMG! Qué le pasó a Jet Li? Está bien – según su manager

OMG! Qué le pasó a Jet Li? Está bien – según su manager

“He has hyperthyroidism, that he has been dealing with for almost 10 years. It is not something that threatens your life and is dealing with that,” – said the manager of Jet Li, Steven Chasman to the Washington Post.

Jet Li was diagnosed in 2010, and in 2013 said he did not know if he could continue working but that he was determined to do so, according to the Associated Press.

“I am in pain, but I’m not suffering. I’m happy,” – he said at the time, and noted that he was taking medication.

It was also reported that Jet Li has problems with his spine and legs from decades of injuries in action scenes in his films.

This Monday, the representative of Jet Li, Chasman called the coverage that gave the press the photo of the Jet, “sensationalism” and shared a photo of the actor taken on the 12 of May in Chengdu.

OMG! Qué le pasó a Jet Li? Está bien – según su manager

“It would be nice if people would stop making fuss about nothing.”

Well, I admit, really impressed me to see it in that picture, it was like… WHAT? THIS IS NOT JET LI!!! How many years have passed? I fell asleep? In that picture looks so fragile and ancient… omg. Love him!


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