Pam Anderson criticizes Tommy Lee: narcissistic sociopath, out of control

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Pamela Anderson has criticised her ex – Tommy Lee, calling him a narcissist, sociopath and disaster out of control, after the rocker said he will file charges against the son of both, Brandon, of 21 years old, after a fight that left the Mottley Crue with a broken mouth.

Brandon allegedly struck his father, Tommy Lee , of 55 years old, and left him unconscious during a quarrel, after Lee had attack Pamela Anderson in social networks because she spoke of the abusive relationship that she had with him in a recent interview.

Now Anderson – who was married to Tommy Lee for three years in the 90s – posted a message on its website stating that Tommy is an alcoholic and that his son was “in fear for his life” and “acted in self-defense.”

Pam Anderson critica a Tommy Lee: narcisista sociópata, fuera de control

Pamela wrote:

“Never again I will talk to Tommy until he is sober and well. Despite the fact that he tried to contact me.  I have blocked him. It is impossible to reason with a madman.

“I am on the side of my son, and he acted in self-defense and feared for his life. No one understands the disappointment that this man has brought to our family. Constantly the center of sadness, drama, and confusion. Jealous of the talent and beauty of your child from the day he was born. He is sick.

Pamela alleges that the girlfriend of Tommy, the star of Vine Brittany Furlan keeps him drunk, and adds:

“I pray that Tommy will have the help you need. his actions are desperate and humiliating. He is a disaster spinning out of control, and is not acting as a father.”

Pam goes on to say that Brandon “does not want to see his father in jail. He just wants to see him sober” – adding that Brandon and other friends were trying to do an intervention for Tommy to receive treatment.

“Brandon has risked everything to save her father… Believe me he hit him in the nose for all the people he has hurt – now Tommy feels humiliated – and is trying to destroy his own son. This is the devil – This is the disease of alcoholism.”

Pamela Anderson recently described in an interview with Piers Morgan as her marriage with Tommy Lee, ended after he attacked her. The rocker served for six months then not to answer to the charges. Tommy responded to this interview by saying: “I Guess she does not have anything any more and needs attention.”

According to TMZ, Pam said that Tommy still can’t handle the guilt of his abusive behavior and never took responsibility for what he did.

OMG! That situation is so horrible. Honestly, I think the version of Brandon and Pam. Tommy needs help.

Pam Anderson critica a Tommy Lee: narcisista sociópata, fuera de control

Pamela Anderson Calls Tommy Lee a “Disaster Spinning Out of Control” After Altercation With Brandon

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