Princess Michael insults Meghan Markle with a brooch racist

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This Wednesday was the lunch before the Christmas offered by Queen Elizabeth, and Meghan Markle attended. Well, Princess Michael of Kent – married with one of the cousins of the Queen and known for making racist comments in the past – took a snap of a person of color, and say that it was to insult Meghan. What?

Yeap, Princess Michael attended the lunch at Buckingham Palace with this brooch, a black man who wears a turban – they say on TMZ, this age means the conquest racial, the line of jewelry that made it is known for doing this type of ornaments that show people of color in a position of servitude.

Ok, as many of you know Meghan Markle, the fiancée of Prince Harry is biracial and has spoken of his experiences with racism. Meghan did not sit at the same table as Princess Michael and it is not known if they exchanged words during the event, but it is supposed that it was something intimate, had not so many people in the place.

And it is this Princess Michael already has a racist past. She supposedly in 2004, he told a group of black people in a restaurant to return to the colonies. She denied having said that, adding that even “once pretended to be African,” and referred to them as “adorable.”

Mmmm… the wedding of Prince Harry is half black, and this lady takes that clip, just a black man… without any intention? Come on! I knew what he was doing.

Well, TMZ says that now (that all the world called it racist) Princess Michael of Kent feels a lot to have carried that finishing touch to the lunch of the Queen, you know that was offensive and said that it will not use more. Sure!

A spokesman for the Princess, wife of a cousin of the Queen, told TMZ that she is “extremely distressed and distraught” to have worn this Brooch Blackamoor for the event. This was a gift and I already had used previously, without any controversy.

Sources connected to the Kensington Palace said that Princess Michael was not trying to insult Meghan or anyone of color. The source says that she learned her lesson, and will not use it.

Geez! WTF? It’s like the wicked witch of the movies trying to humiliate the poor protagonist… Makes the offense, and then says Oh, sorry! This was the first Christmas lunch of Meghan with Queen Elizabeth. Hopefully, Meghan will not affect both. Do you think Farandulistas?


Princesa Michael insulta a Meghan Markle con un broche racista

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