Rob Kardashian furious with Blac Chyna: You put Dream in danger!!

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Rob Kardashian is furious with Blac Chyna for having endangered his daughter Dream this weekend at the Six Flags amusement park in Los Angeles where she got into a fight with a woman. The Kardashian will be Back in court to clarify matters of custody of Dream. Bam!

 A source connected to Rob (you know who) told TMZ that the reality star has been watching the antics of the Chyna with horror and is extremely concerned about the health and well-being of their daughter. The drop that overflowed the glass was when, this weekend, Blac Chyna was as crazy to fight at Six Flags and she grabbed a toy car to use as a weapon to try to hurt a woman who dared to touch the baby.

It was said that Rob and his lawyer will submit legal documents requesting a hearing to clarify the rules with Blac Chyna… who can do what she wants but not when the baby is present.

At this point, says TMZ, Rob is concerned that Chyna is bringing new men to her house with the baby present – the most recent is an 18-year-old Rapper, called YBN Almighty Jay. Rob wants an order similar to the case of custody of Jesse Williams… where no parent can introduce the child to someone they have known for less than six months. HA! SIX MONTHS? In six months there will be about 200…

And there is also a problem with money… MONEY! Rob is currently paying to Chyna, $20 thousand dollars a month for child support, which they think is ridiculous for many reasons. First, they have a joint custody 50/50 so that monthly payment is absurd. And you need to take into account, that while this may seem unusual (or not?)- she makes more money than him. HA! In fact, the website says that Rob’s income was reduced to zero when he was banned from Instagram as this was a platform from which he could make money. SAD!

It is reported that Rob will go to court soon to request to reduce child support.

Bahahahahaha! That happens to Rob for getting together with that mob! Mob! Mob!

There are videos of Chyna doing the show at the park Six Flags in the best ghetto style… I Guess the girl Twitter blotted them out and sold them to TMZ (show me the money! LOL!)


Check out some recent footages:


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