Sandra Bullock fears being left at the altar (L&S)

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Life & Style has as its cover story, The worst nightmare of Sandra, being abandoned at the altar. How much pain can she endure. She went to his ranch in Wyoming crying. Buaaaaaaaaa…

Can you believe such a story? Well, the magazine says that Sandra does not want to marry her boyfriend Bryan Randall because she is afraid that she will be left at the altar. WTF? Bahahahaha…

The boyfriend of Bullock wants to take her to the altar, but she refuses to marry because she still has trust issues, which are the result of the horrible infidelity of her ex-husband, Jesse James. Really? That was millions of years ago! Ah, right! If you still use the triangle of Brangelina-Aniston, why not?

An insider said to the magazine:

“She is developing these scenarios of panic in her head that he’s going to deceive her like Jesse did, or that the love will end, and that she is going to go through another divorce.”

The source tells the magazine that Bryan is trying to convince her but she doesn’t want to do it. DON’T WANT TO!

“Bryan is trying to persuade her to marry him, but she continues to refuse. He constantly tells her that he is not like Jesse, and swears to never hurt her, but she is afraid.”

“If Sandra does not overcome this fear, she might end up losing her soul mate,” says in insider.

Bahahahaha talk about Sandra as if it was a 15-year-oldKid, and put that picture on the cover, Hello? No love. Obviously, this is all fake, according to a spokesman for the actress.

Sandra Bullock teme que la dejen en el altar (L&S)

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