Selena Gomez and Justin Theroux more than just friends? LOL! (L&S)

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The new cover of Life&Style features Selena Gomez and Justin Theroux with the headline: It’s On! (That is, they have something, they are more than friends!) Jen is HORRIFIED by the betrayal of Selena. As Selena is obsessed with the life partner of Jen, and she has stolen him! There are secret messages and calls in the middle of the night. Friends warned her “this will end badly!” … Chan Chan chaaaan!!!! (that’s dramatic music if you did not get it).

Well, sources say the story is as false as the photoshopped picture on the cove., Ok, but the gossip says that Selena and Justin Theroux began as friends, but the relationship took an unexpected turn to something more serious. A source said that they initially became close for emotional support because they both went through separations that were disastrous, with Justin Bieber and Jennifer Aniston respectively. LOL! Then Selena and Theroux became even more close.

“It became something more than a friendship. Selena and Justin (Theroux) fell in love.”

They have even talked of being parents. W-HA-T? But after the magazine says that nothing has happened physically between them. That is, in their imagination.

“Judging by the amount of flirting that is, it is only a matter of time before they take things to another level.”

“Gomez and Theroux have been discussed to meet in secret, where they are not photographed together. They will keep their love for each other going.”

Sure! A secret place in the mind of the source. HA! Don’t miss the face of Jen on the cover… you little… , Selena is 25 years old and Theroux 46! Jen forever alone… as usual.

Selena Gomez y Justin Theroux más que amigos? LOL! (L&S)

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