Stephen Hawking last piece of advice before he died

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Before he died, Stephen Hawking gave a last piece of advice to people with depression

Stephen Hawking, a scientist of world fame, was known for providing a lot of knowledge on space, time and the essence of theoretical physics. However, in the Reith conference held at the Royal Institute, in London, in front of more than 400 people he used one of his research as a metaphor to advise us on the overcoming of a state of emotional depression.

For this, he likened black holes to a complicated situation. No matter how dark it may seem, none of the two is impossible to escape. “The message of this conference is that in black holes, everything is not so black as it is painted,” said Stephen.

“Things can get out of a black hole both the exterior and into another universe. If you feel that you’re in a black hole, don’t give up. There is always an output“.

Stephen Hawking dio un último consejo antes de morir para la gente con depresión

A few years ago, it was thought that black holes were the epicenter of the destruction in space. However, Stephen made a point about an internal disorder of matter in the interior and raises the possibility that leak radiation produced by the movement of the internal stuff.

Stephen poses in such a way that, even if you feel that you are in a black hole, life offers you the option to emerge and get out of that situation. Acknowledge that self-improvement is a very simple objective, but he says that transcendence is itself specific and has a path marking, such as the insistence, learning, and perseverance. Although they are not immediate solutions, serve to prevent in times of crisis.

Stephen Hawking dio un último consejo antes de morir para la gente con depresión

“He has a very enviable desire to move forward and the ability to gather all his energy and mental focus on making everyone go forward. But not to continue with the purpose of survival, but to overcome it by producing an extraordinary job,” said his daughter, Lucy, in the same conference.

Remember that the best cure for depression is to work hard and strive to achieve successes, or so says one of the most brilliant minds in the world.

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