Sylvester Stallone wants to investigate a woman who accuses him of rape. WTF?

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According to a new report, Sylvester Stallone wants the police to investigate a woman who, as he said, accused him of rape. Supposedly, the fact that it happened 27 years ago.

The lawyer for Stallone, Marty Singer, told TMZ that he believes that the woman recently filed a false report to the police of Santa Monica. Singer says that this began more than a month ago when a medium (who was not TMZ) he was informed that a woman was claiming that Stallone raped her in 1990 at his office in Santa Monica.


Stallone denies these accusations. He admits that he spent 3 days with her in 1987 during a filming in Israel. He was unmarried, she was not a minor, and says that there has never been a violation. Also denied to have seen her in 1990.

They say that the medium contacted the lawyer Stallone refused to publish the story of the woman because there was not enough evidence, and because, at that moment she reported to the police, neither in 1990 nor after.

It was said that the woman lodged a complaint with the police of Santa Monica mid-November. However, the media did not publish the story. Sources of TMZ say that it seems that made the report for them to publish the story.

The lawyer Stallone says a different reporter called him Tuesday and said that definitely the woman – who they say was married to a convicted murderer – did report the incident to the police. Singer said that he contacted the Santa Monica police department late on Tuesday to confirm the report, but the office of the division of research was closed.

He said that if it is confirmed this Wednesday morning that she went to the police and accused Stallone of rape – Stallone will submit a claim requesting that he investigate for filing a false report.

Mmmm… Honestly, when I read the headline I thought that it was suing the woman who accused him of raping her when she was a minor, that report that came out on Dailymail mid-November and that Brigitte Nielsen denied it because at the time, was married and literally “chained” to him. Now, this… Do you think Trendy Famers?

Sylvester Stallone quiere que investiguen a una mujer que lo acusa de violación. WTF?

Sylvester Stallone quiere que investiguen a una mujer que lo acusa de violación. WTF?

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