The 10 sex Scenes in the History of cinema

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The sex scenes in the film are a reminder recurrent, but tell that to the creators of Game of Thrones, so it is not surprising that the has of all kinds. Some are romantic, others are totally unreal and others, well others make us laugh, make us wonder what they were thinking and many other things. Today we collect some of those in the second group.

Sex is not everything in a sex scene

1 – Basic Instinct 2


After the success of the classic 90’s, they made this sequel. The movie opens with a scene of mindless sex in a car at full speed. No one doubts that Sharon Stone does more than well, but it is inevitable to wonder what were they thinking about when creating this scene.

2 – Team America: World Police


The creator of South Park is the mind behind this movie, so it is not surprising that we find a sex scene between dolls. Believe it or not, is very graphic to the couple that absurd.

3 – American Pie


The movies of American Pie always have made us laugh and this scene is one of them that has passed into history. Jim is just beginning to discover sex, and you don’t have another idea to use an apple pie to quench your needs.

4 – 300: Rise of an Empire


How could it be otherwise in 300, the sex scene of this sequel is a mix of fighting and meaningless sex that no one seems to win until Eva Green makes things clear.

5 – The Room


A sex scene a bit strange between the protagonists, don’t even think that is a classic help to save her.

6 – Crank and Crank 2


The protagonist needs constant chutes of adrenaline in your body to continue with life and what better than sex in public, isn’t it? Both films have given us some of the scenes most absurd of the movie and the sex.

7 – Watchmen


It is this adaptation of the comic book from Alan Moore also gave us a sex scene couple the memory.

8 – The wedding of my best friend


The face of the protagonist has become a meme, which by itself is already a show of the absurd that is the situation.

9 – Matrix Reloaded


Matrix went on to the history of cinema for its special effects and its history innovative which made us question reality. The scene of love between Neo and Trinity was what the fans waited for three movies.

10 – MacGruber


One for the memory.

The sex is always present in the film, sometimes with scenes more epic and other scenes more absurd.

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