The 911 call from Demi Lovato, no sirens, please!

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When they called 911 for an overdose by Demi Lovato, the person asked the operator that the ambulance gets to the house, without sirens, to not make noise. WTF?

TMZ reports that this person close to Demi Lovato wanted to keep her overdose a secret, and asked the paramedics to come to the home without the emergency sirens.

The website published the recording of the 911 call, made from the house of Lovato, the caller remains calm while the operator gives instructions. She calls arriving without sirens to keep the situation in private with respect to the neighbors, but the operator tells her that it is not possible because it is a medical emergency.

As you already know, Demi Lovato was brought to a hospital emergency room after being found unconscious due to a supposed overdose of drugs (initially heroin, after it was reported that it was methamphetamine), it was said that someone at the house had injected her with Narcan to counteract the effects of opioids, which they had on hand because Demi already had time abusing drugs. The singer revealed last month in her song “Sober” that she had relapsed again, after 6 years of sobriety.

By the way, this “sobriety of Demi” seems to have been untrue, there was a blind gossip last year that spoke of how she had passed out at an after-party for American Music Awards, the person that told the gossip assumed that she had fainted due to consuming cocaine, pills, and alcohol. You can see the blind gossip solved here.

Returning to the initial report, a source close to the singer said that it was not an overdose of heroin, but she refused to disclose which drug was the cause of the overdose of Demi Lovato.

The emergency arose after Demi had been partying all night that began with the celebration of the birthday of one of her dancer at the Saddle Ranch in West Hollywood. TMZ reports that she may have died had she not been found in time.

Currently, Demi Lovato is a patient receiving treatment, her condition is stable. All the people close to her wants her to enter rehab after she leaves the hospital, but in the end, that is her decision. If she does not agree that she has serious problems and needs help, no one will be able to help. Good Luck!

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