The best alcoholic drink to boost sex drive

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It is no secret that people are warm when they drink alcohol. Your self-consciousness diminishes, the smart parts of your brain slow down and your thirst for sex is triggered.

Have you ever wondered why your sexual desire is different after a few beers and after a few shots of tequila? This is because the brain reacts differently according to the type of alcohol.

According to a recent publication of a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, those who drink moderate amounts of red wine have stronger sexual impulses than those who opt for beer or vodka.

¿Sabías cuál es la bebida alcohólica que más ganas nos provoca de tener sexo?

The study found that participants who drank two glasses of red wine a day had testosterone levels much higher than those who do not drink red wine. This shows that drinking red wine will increase the libido, like testosterone, which is the hormone that makes us want sex.

What explanation does science give for all this? Apparently, the quercetin that is in wine blocks the enzyme UGT2B17, whose main function is to remove testosterone from your body. By having an increase in the levels of testosterone circulating in the bloodstream, we are forced to have a higher sex drive and be more eager to have sex.

¿Sabías cuál es la bebida alcohólica que más ganas nos provoca de tener sexo?

But this is not all. It has also been shown that red wine increases the sexual desire of women since it increases the flow of blood in your erogenous zones at the same time increases the excitation and the sensitivity of the area.

So, if you want to spend a great night, forget the whiskey and other alcoholic beverages, and introduce the red wine on the menu for an evening with your partner.

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