The ex-wife of Jesse Williams wants more money for child support

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The ex-wife of Jesse Williams is asking for more money in child support for their 2 children with the actor on Grey’s Anatomy.

Aryn Drake-Lee presented documents stating that the $50.695 dollars monthly that Jesse gives to cover the expenses of their 2 children, 4 and 2 years old, barely stretches. Woow! Jesse and Aryn have had problems with custody of the children since the actor filed for a divorce.

In the papers, Aryn says that she is paying 100% of the accounts of the children now… including clothing, food, travel outside of L. A. to visit family, swimming lessons, and dance, education, and care. She says that all of these costs are $73.363 dollars… a month! A MONTH!?!?

According to TMZ, the ex of Jesse asserts that the actor can cover those costs because he makes at least $250 thousand per episode on Grey’s Anatomy, so she wants to be reimbursed for all that she had to pay until now. She also wants Jesse to pay her lawyer fees, Jesse has already paid $60 thousand for these legal expenses.

Geez! $73 thousand dollars a month? Are the swimming lessons in Dubai? I have a sore chest… LOL!


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