The Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves before and after plastic surgery

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 He has had over 50 operations to transform his appearance after the mistreatment that he suffered.

The students in his school knew him as an “ugly and depressing” child. He finally learned to live with abuse and blows, passing through moments that no child of 7 years could forget, such as three thugs forcibly putting his face in the urinals of the school or others pushing him down the stairs and laugh to see him fall.

Rodrigo received a lot of insults like being called ugly and fat which made him cry. He finally became convinced that he had been born in the wrong body, and that it was his physical features that had brought these problems. He decided to have 51 operations and carry with pride the name of “Ken Doll”.

Rodrigo Alves, el Antes y Después del Ken Humano que se operó 50 veces tras los maltratos que sufría con 7 años
These operations amount to € 30,000 on breast implants, 12,000 euros to go up the buttocks, € 40,000 on rhinoplasty and another 220,000 euros in different surgical interventions.

It is true that many people may think that he is an obsessive person who has a mental disorder and is addicted to surgery, but what is certain is that his  heartbreaking story about his childhood could explain all of his actions.

Rodrigo makes sure that all of the physical transformation that he has achieved, after many years, have made him a really happy person. However, doctors say that there are risks that are quite serious to have surgery, again and again, to try to forget the abuse you suffered as a child, since his chances of dying in the operating room are fairly high even though he doesn’t seem to care.

“I’ve wondered if I’m going to die in an operating room, but I’ve also wondered if I’m going to die when crossing a road,” says Rodrigo.

People will ask for photos and he loves to be the center of attention. There are even some people that ask him for tips to look their best. He acknowledges that he is happy when he looks at himself and does not regret any of the operations.

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