The Kardashian-Jenners at the Met Gala 2018

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Obviously, the Kardashian-Jenners, Kim, Kylie, Kendall and momager Kris attended the Met Gala 2018 held on Monday, May 7, in New York. The theme of the night was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & The Catholic Imagination” and that topic Duh! it is very well known for them, I say, “heavenly bodies” they are dedicated religiously to them. LOL!


  • The momager Kris Jenner was perfectly attired as the lost twin of Satan, with a black crow dress. If she would have put an inverted cross in the middle… PERFECT!

Las Kardashian-Jenner en el Met Gala 2018

  • The newly given birth, Kylie Jenner was dressed as a dominatrix, showing off her post-delivery body, of course, and held her breath with this dress from Alexander Wang, accompanied by her guard, Travis Scott. HA!  TOTAL SIN! Its’ the MET Gala, not Halloween.

Las Kardashian-Jenner en el Met Gala 2018

  • Kim Kardashian was single, without a pass, I say, husband Kanye West (no longer need it, less now).  She wore a golden Versace dress, decorated with some crosses here and there, showing off her “heavenly body”. Very close to the theme of the night, no doubt! KUDOS!

Las Kardashian-Jenner en el Met Gala 2018

  • And of course, the highest paid super-model of all time, fashion icon of the decade, Kendall Jenner was dressed in impeccable white, with this jumpsuit from Virgil Abloh. WTF? Put her in anything (looks cute in the photo). It is reported that the momager tried to fix the suit and Kendull said, Mom, Stop! – that is news.

Las Kardashian-Jenner en el Met Gala 2018

Well, honestly, I don’t understand how to dress for a party with a theme, and there are people who appear dressed normal and have nothing to do, no one complies with the rule, seriously, do not let them in. GET OUT! Of course, this is not the case,  the Klan was according to the night, the devil, the proud, sinful, of the “heavenly body” and the innocent (stupid) I forgot the theme of the night.

Whatever! here is the Kardashian-Jenner at the Met Gala 2018. What do you think? Who is your favorite, Kim, Kylie, Kendall… Travis… (LOL!)?


Check out all the top fashions at the MET Gala in the video below:

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